Softap Method and Products

Only the purest organic pigments are used with the Softap Method of micropigmentation. All pigments are hypoallergenic. Made from naturally occurring elements in a glycerin medium.

At the time of your consultation, your technician will assist you in identifying the pigment most flattering to your complexion. The shade you see at the time of application is the actual shade. However, over the next two to three days, the pigment will oxidize as your skin is exposed to the elements. The oxidation will cause the pigment to darken temporarily by about 30%. Thereafter, the pigment will gradually lighten about 40-50%, assuming the actual shade.

Because these are pigments, not inks, they will gradually fade over time, requiring periodic touch-ups to maintain the integrity of the original application. The care and treatment of your permanent makeup will promote more lasting results.

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